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Detailed Description of The Virtual Hospitality Expo

The Lobby

The first "room" and the gateway into the program is the Lobby. There is a welcome video that plays, once the attendee enters the Lobby. It is there that the attendee registers with complete info - business name, type of business, their name, address of business, telephone, fax, e-mail & website. Each RV campground, marina, ski resort and dude ranch owner will pay $100 by credit/debit card for their business - however - as many as 4 others who have the password, may get in free.

Also, in the lobby, are promotions for sponsors who pay from $1,500 to $5,000 to sponsor the Expo. In the Lobby will also be a "Souvenir Program" which lists the sponsors, exhibitors, conference speakers with a description of what they do and what booth they are in in the Expo Center. It will also have paid for ads. Clicking on one of the names in the program will take the attendee directly into their booth. The Lobby is, of course, the gateway to the other 4 rooms, with signs posted above doorways which can be clicked, and you are in.

The Expo Hall

The Expo Hall. Here, exhibitors will have their booths, individually installed by the software company. It will be numbered, have a booth sign, a screen for a video (if requested), downloadable .PDF documents, and displays of their goods and services. The minute an attendee enters the booth, the exhibitor will see the total display of the registration information on his computer. They will be able to chat, either together, or with others in the booth, if desired. The attendee may download the PDF files in their "briefcase", which they can take and download into their computer when they leave the Expo. There will be instructions of how to leave the booth below like "next booth", # of a booth, go to another room, etc. If they choose, they can go to.


The Conference Center. It is here where the live webinars will be held with important and well know speakers from the hospitality industry. The Speakers will be live and on a screen in the Center. There are 6 webinars planned, 2 each day, for the 3 live days of the Expo. Each speaker will have a live assistant, since there will be a Q & A session and the assistant will "filter" the questions and give them to the speaker, who will announce the name of the questioner and answer the question. All webinars will be recorded for later viewing. There are two remaining rooms.

The Research Library

The Research Library is a place where attendees can find, read and/or download, each document in the Exhibit Hall. This can be a shortcut from people who have only a short time to visit the show or are looking for a particular piece of information. The final room might be very important because of the Coronavirus.

The Lounge is nothing more than a chat room for attendees, exhibitors, speakers and even the software providers. In this room, there might be many chats going on and a list of attendees will be provided so that the rooms they are in can be determined. An attendee can ask for a private chat also. In this room will be the software company's help desk to assist in helping people find their way around the software.

The Lounge


Each day, exhibitors and sponsors will receive a report on all the attendees that visited the booths. The producers will be able to see instant reports on who is in the Expo and daily final reports on the day's activities.

The Expo will be open from September 15th thru the 17th, LIVE and up to January 1st, 2021 "on demand", meaning that attendees can go into the software, gather information and contact the participants outside the Expo. On the final day of the show, we will activate the Lounge only so that people can wish each other a Happy New Year.